DAY 9 - MARCH 19, 2011


In Damascus and Daraa Assad's crowd control uses live rounds on peaceful demonstrators. Today there is a funeral in Daraa for those killed. There are 10,000 people marching in defiance against Bashar Al Assad's regime. Some chant "the blood of our Martyrs will not be forgotten!" In reaction, security forces use tear gas and live ammunition on the protesters. By midday one person in Daraa has already been killed...

The tear gas fired from Assad's security forces hangs in the air over Daraa and wafts towards the balcony of your apartment. You, Emad, Yara, and your husband Ali, sit on the couch startled but together. You feel very fortunate that you told Ali to stay with you and the family. He also seems relieved to be in the safety of his own home. You also realize that if he were out demonstrating, the likelihood that Assad's officers would eventually raid your apartment is an inevitability. The four of you look at old photographs from the wedding of Ali's sister, Zaheen. In every photo you and Ali are smiling. You smile at each other now, at this moment, while a siren faintly rings three stories below. Bookrah, tomorrow, will hold an unresolved future. But for now, you are comfortable and hopeful, and most importantly you are with your husband who you really do love. Inshallah tomorrow will be better than today.