Ali Antar

Age: 38   Sex: Male   Location: Daraa, Syria   Occupation: Electrician  |  Marital Status: Married   Children: 2

Appearance: Tall and sinewy, Ali wears a cotton button down tucked into blue jeans with a leather tool belt sagging around his waist. His fingernails seem to maintain a charred black color on account of faulty and antiquated wiring around his hometown of Daraa. 

Political Slant: A moderate Sunni Muslim, Ali feels that his community in Daraa is becoming more disenfranchised by the day. He has been on the wrong side of Bashar Al Assad's Mukhabarat who are more loyal to the minority Alawite community (a branch of Shia Islam) in Syria. He knows he is not the only one who has experienced this problem first hand, but he is on the fence about how, specifically, the Sunni community can solve such inequality.