Sheikh Yousef

Age: 68   Sex: Male   Location: Aleppo, Syria   Occupation: Jihadist leader  |  Marital Status: Widower   Children: 4

Appearance: A devout Salafist, Sheikh Yousef adorns the conservative garb of the pious. He wears plain-colored cotton thobes on his body and a different white taqiyah every day. Often he is found gripping a wooden cane and walking slowly but sagely.  

Political Slant: A senior member of Jabhat Al Nusra, Sheikh Yousef represents a growing radicalized movement among rebel Sunni fighters. His extreme Salafi rhetoric is accepted and propped by Al Qaeda, but more and more it is at odds with the ruthlessness of Al Qaeda sister-affiliate ISIS. His oldest friend and closest ally in Aleppo is Sheikh Mukhtar Al Mu'in from Al Tawhid Brigade.