Sheikh Mukhtar Al Mu'in

Age: 70   Sex: Male   Location: Aleppo, Syria   Occupation: Militant leader  |  Marital Status: Married   Children: 10

Appearance: Though more conservatively inclined in his Islamic rhetoric, Sheikh Mukhtar wears forest green camouflage with a black taqiyah upon his head. Due to an accident that occurred early on in the Syrian uprising, he is restricted to the use of a wheelchair and is very rarely seen in public. He does, however, send video and audio records to far corners of his brigades. He is highly lauded as one of the most intelligent brigade leaders immeshed in the Syrian conflict.  

Political Slant: A senior member of the Liwa Al Tawhid Brigade, Sheikh Mukhtar has steered his battalions away from radical Islam. While still a member of the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front, old friend of Shiekh Yousef, and vehemently Salafist, Sheikh Mukhtar also finds it important to keep a relative distance from brigades like ISIS and Al Nusra.