DAY 20 - APRIL 8, 2011


Eager to suppress the growing momentum of the Syrian opposition, Bashar Al Assad heeds calls for change by dismissing his former cabinet and appointing a new Prime Minister, Adel Safar, to construct a more accommodating government. Additionally Assad agrees to grant thousands of depersonalized Kurds Syrian citizenship. Friday protests, following the call to prayer, have become a normal occurrence in most cities around Syria but Daraa continues to be the flashpoint for much of the resistance. 

You, a fixer, and two other journalists, Jeremy and Michael, are pushing towards Misrata, the heavily shelled city where the front lines are being waged. You've seen the BBC and other news agencies leave journalists that are not part of their crew behind. Even if they are injured. It is becoming very dog-eat-dog between reporters in Libya. There is an influx of photographers that are new to conflict zones. Everyone is fighting over space and information as the dynamism of the war becomes unpredictable. You are thinking maybe it's best to stay off the front lines for now.

  1. Push forward. What's the point in being here if you're not the first to report it.
  2. Hang back. Let the newbies go head-first into the fray. You have more sense than that, nor will you be pressured.