Michael O'Rourke

Age: 47  Sex: Male   Location: Middle East and North Africa   Occupation: Journalist  |  Marital Status: Single   Children: 0

Appearance: With a kevlar backpack and two cameras swinging from his neck, Michael has been in the tightest jams known to man. When most photographers run away, he's the one running forward. His full head of silver hair, ten days worth of untrimmed scruff, and eyes that say "let me see what you've got," have kept him alive this long. His voracity for life and for death seem strangely equal. 

Political Slant: Michael has seen conflicts the world over, from Bosnia to Balochistan. he realizes there is a fundamental characteristic within humans that causes them to fight. So regardless of political, religious, or tribal orientation, there is no right or wrong side. In the end, there is only the news.