Mustafa Omar Bin Maseh

Age: 28   Sex: Male   Location: Homs, Syria   Occupation: FSA militant  |  Marital Status: Single   Children: 0

Appearance: Carrying a superfluous amount of ammunition (grenades, pistols, and assault rifle clips), Mustafa Omar is strangely warm-hearted despite his battle-torn appearance. His teeth are carious from days on the front lines without brushing and he is beginning to see his big toe stick out through a small hole in his combat boots. 

Political Slant: A moderate Sunni Muslim and ardent FSA supporter, Mustafa Omar is perhaps the ideal opposition rebel that the West might want to win in Syria. He seemingly avoids extremism in all of his beliefs, which may be good for diplomacy, but may adequately hinder his fighting capability. This perhaps explains his surplus of unused ammo.