Hamid the Weaponeer

Age: 33   Sex: Male   Location: Aleppo, Syria   Occupation: Militant  |  Marital Status: Single   Children: 0

Appearance: Rough around the edges, Hamid wears a black thobe and a white taqiyap as is traditional with more conservative leaning Sunnis. His thick dark beard clumps around his chin and has not been trimmed for weeks. Additionally, as a result of hot shells jumping out of automatic weapons, burn scars mar his arms.

Political Slant: a member of Liwa Al Tawhid Brigade, Hamid has brokered several deals with the Qataris and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to secure the procurement of weapons to his battalions. Though he may work alongside jihadists and radical Islamists he does not preach those ideologies nor does he support their inhumane war practices.