DAY 34 - APRIL 23, 2011


Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets for "the Great Friday". Over 100 people are killed, across 10 cities in Syria. It is the bloodiest day of the uprising thus far.

You are able to reach a photographer named Marc that lives on Hamsa street in Beirut, the same street where you live--that is when you are there, which seems to be less and less these days. Marc tells you that he got a Syrian visa through the Ministry of Information in Damascus. Unfortunately, they just stopped issuing press visas. Marc says that the easiest way to go would probably be through Northern Turkey. He says he has some friends that have already got in that way. He tells you that Northern Turkey, Bab Al Hawa specifically, will be one of the first places liberated once the opposition gains steam.

Leave Libya with Jeremy and Michael.