DAY 622 - NOVEMBER 22, 2012


American journalist James Foley is just the latest in a string of non-combatant kidnappings, including Austin Tice and Mohamed Al Saeed, that have occurred in Syria within the last six months. Both rebel and regime soldiers are guilty of the abductions. The Syrian opposition has cut off many supply routes for government forces. Furthermore, the FSA has started receiving anti-aircraft weapons from anonymous sources. Though unchecked, many think Qatar is supplying the rebels with the heavy weapons. In addition Syrian opposition leaders meet in Doha to unite different anti-government militias under a moderate cleric, Mouaz Al Khatib, from Damascus. The violence in Syria is beginning to spill into Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan as random spats of gunfire proliferate many of the border crossings surrounding the conflicted nation.

Today is the day it finally happens. Your urinary tract infection has spread to your kidneys and from there the toxins have slowly spread to all of your other organs. There is no escape. The last two months have been the painful of your entire life. You knew that, eventually, you would be tortured in this place. You take your last breath of the vile air in the prison cell and look at the small beams of light that shine through the tiny window. You have only seen one other person die in this cell and it took the guards more than two days to remove his body. You know that's how you will end up. You will end up as just another number, a name on a wall of disappeared people. The regime will probably feed your corpse to the animals in the desert, buzzards or vipers. You had nothing to offer your keepers and so they gave you nothing in return.

You have died. | Continue in the prison as the mother of two from Daraa. | Continue in the prison as the other American journalist.