DAY 25 - APRIL 13, 2011


Eager to suppress the growing momentum of the Syrian opposition, Bashar Al Assad heeds calls for change by dismissing his former cabinet and appointing a new Prime Minister, Adel Safar, to construct a more accommodating government. Additionally Assad agrees to grant thousands of depersonalized Kurds Syrian citizenship. Friday protests, following the call to prayer, have become a normal occurrence in most cities around Syria but Daraa continues to be the flashpoint for much of the resistance. 

Students have started protesting at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Aleppo, just several blocks north of your home in Salaheddine. It's the first protest in Aleppo that has really gained traction, not to mention that it is a Wednesday not a Friday. You are very tempted to go and join the other students your age who are standing up for social reform. However, you wonder if that is the best way to use your ambition. You've started to become vocal on the "Syrian Revolution 2011" Facebook page, as well as with other Aleppan dissidents on Twitter. You consider how your time and effort might be best used. 

  1. Go deeper online with political activists. If you become more vocal and spread awareness, you will be able to organize more protests in Aleppo. 
  2. Go to the University of Aleppo in person and protest amongst your peers. The more bodies in attendance, the more voices will be heard around the world.