I would like to thank, with gratitude, the following persons and organizations for their contribution towards the creation of 1000 Days of Syria. The completion of this project could not have been seen without the tireless efforts that you have all put forth in order to make the world a more mindful and well-informed place.


David Axe, Thomas Hammond, Zack Baddorf, Eliot Higgins (AKA Brown_Moses), Charles Lister, Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, Aris Roussinos, Shami Witness, Aaron Y. Zelin, Thomas Hegghammer, @Hassan140, Alice Fordham, MEMRI, emptywhale, @SyrianCivilWarReddit, @the_47th, Christopher Kingdon, Brian Ries, Zaid Benjamin, @aron_ld, John Wreford, Sam Dagher, Raphaël Lefèvre, Joshua Foust, Mike Giglio, Karl Sharro, Joshua Landis, Andrew Hammond, John Hudson, Michael Weiss, Free Syria Media Hub, Thomas van Linge, Mahmoud Albasha, Liz Sly, @OSIMINT, Hannah Lucinda Smith, Pieter Van Ostaeyen, Damien Spleeters, Flashpoint Partners, James Miller, Michael Gunn, Jeremy Kroeker, Depression Quest, Spencer Ackerman, Yallasouriya.wordpress.com, Alex Chitty, Syria Deeply, Lara Setrakian, @SpyScroll, @BemetOr8, @watcherone, @jihadwatchRS, @syriancommando, Yasmin Al Tellawy, @al_7aleem, Mitchell Prothero, Angela Lo Rosso, Phillip Smyth, Hussain Abdul-Hussain, John Hudson, James Verini, David Francis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Caerus Associates, Washington Institute, Armin Rosen, Institute for the Study of War, C.J. Chivers, Tyler Hicks, Goran Tomasevic, Globalsecurity.com, J.M. Berger, @Krypt3ia, Anthony Shadid, Naval Open Source INTelligence, PublicIntelligence.com, Allen Vanguard, Small Wars Journal, @BlogsofWar, the Jamestown Foundation, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Andrew Lebovich, David Cenciotti, Long Wars Journal, @johnyrocket69, Truman National Security Project, War Is Boring, Michael Peck, IHS Jane's, @Asher_Wolf, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera English, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Huffington Post, Dufflebag Blog, Site Intelligence Group, Treadstone 71, the Heritage Foundation, Rand Corporation, Erin Banco, Brian Krebs, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, The Committee to Protect Journalists, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,  LiveLeak, Joshua Hersh, Robert Beckhusen, Dexter Filkins, Jon Lee Anderson, and of course, YouTube and Wikipedia.