Aasfa Ghanem

Age: 42   Sex: Female   Location: Palmyra, Syria   Occupation: Mother  |  Marital Status: Married   Children: 4

Appearance: Thick grey hair and crows feet around the eyes may best describe Aasfa's general wellbeing. Once married to Sargon Bin Aswad while living in Al Raqqa, Aasfa ran away to pursue a more educated lifestyle. She wears a red hijab shawl and loosely fitting dark blouse. 

Political Slant: Aasfa has a complicated history with Sargon in Al Raqqa. While he draws roots from Turkish Kurdistan, she does not. As enough time passed, her political allegiance towards the Kurds, the YPG specifically, became strained until she sought a different future in a more egalitarian and liberal city. To this day, she still has been searching for that education and she will do anything to plant her kids, from a different father, in a better place than Al Raqqa.